Walls (Michael Clifford)

So as I mentioned in my review for The Chase, when it comes to 5SoS, I am now a Mikey girl. I can’t get over his perfect lips! Seriously, I’ve never been into lips before but that boy has got my fantasies headed in a new direction.

Walls has over 2 million reads and 60k votes, but so do a lot of shit stories so I’m not completely sold on the promise of numbers yet. This story is like a 2 on the depression scale (a 10 being After status), I liked it because it was real and comfortable.

Michael and Maddie meet, rush into a ‘more than friendship’ situation but never #DTR. Part way through the summer you’ve got holding hands, kissing, and nightly sleepovers, but no relationship status. Maddie is trying to convince herself that they’re just friends, and that’s the way she wants it, when in reality she just doesn’t want to feel rejected by the fact that he doesn’t call her his girlfriend. Let’s be honest, we’ve all been there. It’s real. So when they DO finally #DTR and become the perfect, cutest couple in town, mom walks in on a sleepover and Michael flee’s, not to be heard from again for weeks. Again, very real.

And if that isn’t enough drama, when things are finally patched up and all is well again, mom drops the news on Maddie that they’re moving. #TeenageProblems

Overall, I really enjoyed this fanfic. It may just be the lack of quality fics around, but I really felt like, for the most part, the situations were real and relatable. Of course no story is perfect so here were my issues:

-Mikey does have some ‘daddy issues’ and cries once or twice. In case you haven’t noticed, I hate this character trope, but it’s a minor enough plot point that it doesn’t kill the story for me.
-The reader REALLY tries overdoes the ‘describing’ of the Maddie’s personality as someone who shuts people out and isn’t very personable, but it’s hard to believe since the character never actually acts like it. The story honestly could have done without the personality explanation since it didn’t fit the character anyway, but, then the title wouldn’t have made sense.

This is a definite read though! And I don’t say that about many stories!

The Chase || Ashton Irwin

The Chase has over 7 million reads and 130K votes and almost 100 chapters. With this much attention, it sounded like a good story to try out. I’ve been writing my own 1D fan fiction so I avoid reading others, just so that their personalities don’t infiltrate my own. This of course leaves me reading 5SoS fics most of the time.

The Chase is about (drum roll please) a nerdy ass smart girl, starting a new school, falling into the semi-popular crowd, and being told to avoid the “bad punk/goth” guys by her new friends.

But who can avoid a punk’d out and moody Ashton Irwin, especially when he sits across from you in class (on the days he decides to show up) smelling like pot and dirty clothes. Maybe it’s the 20+ y/o in me who looks for more in a guy than their high school social status, but the moment I found out this dude lived in an abandoned trailer in the middle of fucking no where, I would have ran. Not only is it the perfect setting for a rape case, but that’s not the type of shit you want to marry into – and I see no point in dating a guy that I know damn well I would never marry. Again, #AdultProblems.

Of course despite her rich, uptight, nerdy upbringing, she’s able to overlook Ashton’s unfortunate situation. When she’s ousted by the in-crowd for hanging with the outsiders (oh how cliche), she becomes a burn out delinquent whose disrespectful towards her parents (who are quite obviously in an abusive relationship of their own), skips class, smokes, and vandalizes property.

On the romance side though, Ashton is the sexy bad boy (complete with daddy issues and emotional problems) who threatens to kick the ass of anyone who looks at his girl wrong.

Overall, the first 40 chapters or so are pretty good. You fall for Ashton, you squeal when he kicks ass for you and you blush when he admits his feelings. He’s the underdog in life that you find yourself routing for. The story also includes the forming of 5 Seconds of Summer in it’s own way which is pretty cool.

Major Issues:
– Every time a major, plot twisting horrible problem occurs, they some how get their way out unscathed. This is unrealistic and although as a reader, you want them to get away with shit, it isn’t believable when it actually happens.
– The main characters dad is obviously abusing her mom (like, figured that shit out 10 chapters in) and she’s so wrapped up in her own pathetic world that she doesn’t notice. It’s really annoying.
– The men are all pussy’s. Luke tells off a bully for “being so mean to him” all the time. I’m sorry, no man talks like that. And Ashton fucking cries all the time because his step-dad was an asshole. Not cute!

So #HonestyHour I never finished it. I got to chapter 75/97, but I couldn’t handle the crying anymore. There’s nothing I hate more than a whiny male character. Get pissed and break shit, don’t cry!
I do, however, attribute my obsession with Michael Clifford to this story, who is shown as cool, idgaf, asshole through most of the book.

Liquid Meals && Laxatives

Being over the age of 21 is awesome. All those people who claim high school was the best years of their life, obviously got knocked up right afterwards. Early 20’s are full of drinking, shopping, and being responsible for no one but yourself. Add living in LA to the equation and you basically have every red-neck teen mothers dream life.

So one of the perks to living in LA? TV TAPINGS! You know all those family sitcoms, talk shows, and reality competitions you like to watch on TV? Well basically, getting tickets to sit in the audience for them, is free. Calm down, it’s not as exciting as it seems.

First you have to sign up on a website and register for tickets to see the shows you’re interested in. You’re added to a waiting list, and receive an email anywhere from 1 week to 3 hours before the taping begins.

Next, you have to dress up. If you come in looking like shit, they either put you in the back where you can’t see (and more importantly, can’t be seen) or they turn you away completely.

Then you have to find your way, in LA traffic, to some remote industrial building where they haul you in like cattle. Thirty minute show? Expect to be standing for three hours, ready to clap and scream on cue.

If you’re lucky, you might get to wave to whoever the celebrity guest is.

And every once in a great fucking while, there are prizes. I recently went to one of these “audience prize” tapings, and won tickets to the 2014 VMA’s!  (You’re jealous, I know!)

Priority pit tickets right next to the stage where Michael Cliffords sweat can drip all over my post-pubescent chest! (if only) Sounds great right? Right!

Except… WHAT THE FUCK do I wear? As much as I love to pretend that I live this glamorous LA life style, my daily attire consists of old band shirts and headbands. I have a couple (12) short skanky club-attire dresses, but I can’t NOT wear heals with them, and I’m not standing in heals for 8 hours in a pit full of 2000 people shoving me so they too can experience 5SoS fluids. (I’m actually quite realistic that I’m probably the only person over the age of 15 whose going to even care that they’re there).

So my bestie and I went dress shopping, and, despite my recent 30lb weight loss, everything looks like shit on me! I can at least partially blame the sales lady who insisted on pulling me mediums in contempt of my pleads for a large. In the end, I finally settled on a black and white, cleavage showing dress.

My boobs look great, really, but alas, I still need to lose another 10lbs. So here’s to liquid meals and laxatives for the next 5 days!


Getting Started…

Do you ever have those days where you’re feeling extra creative and ambitious? You have all these great plans that just might change your life (or at the very least, the layout of your bedroom), and you get about half way through exercising them only to realize that you don’t have either the energy nor the skill level your thought when you first came up with the idea? Well that’s basically the start of this blog. I purchased this domain name about 2 years ago – and never used it. And now here I am, begging wordpress to let me change it rather than being forced to pay for a new one. And who knows, this blog may just be another half-assed idea that I’ll give up on once I start the next episode of Awkward.

I’ve been writing fan fiction for about 3 months now, and I absolutely love writing. But I have so much more on my mind that doesn’t belong in a story, and doesn’t fit in 140 characters on Twitter, so, I thought I’d put this ‘solid investment’ to use. Hopefully the ramblings of my head are interesting enough to want to read, and if not, well, I’m already paying for this shit so I’m gonna write it anyway.